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Federal government Scholarship past questions: The is is to remind you that the Federal Government scholarship award examination for the year 2018 will commence a few days from now, some of you may be wondering: What are the areas of concentration? How is the exam like? What sections will we be tested on? Is it computer based?

Well in the bid to answer the questions above, we interviewed past winners of the 2017 Federal Government scholarship award. The exam was not computer based and it was more like Jamb/Waec.

Point to note for the scholarship award?

The Federal Government local scholarship program is entitled to provide an annual grant of NGN150,000 to successful candidates, now you will be tested on the following areas:

  • English Language/ Verbal reasoning: This section tests your ability to use words recognize antonymns and synoymns and correct word usage. Your ability to deduce statements from a given comprehension passage will be tested also.
  • Numerical test/ Mathematics: This section confirms you have a good foundational background in mathematics. You will be tested on your ability to perform simple calculations, ratios, percentages, simple interests, probability, word problems etc. You can take this sample test extract from GMATs to confirm your readiness.
  • Current Affairs: Obtain a comprehensive material to learn about Nigeria and what is happening and has happened in the nation. This is a crucial part as a lot of undergraduates are not interested in learning about their environment.
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How To Prepare For The Scholarship Exam

There is no secret of scoring high and stand a chance of getting the award apart from getting yourself familiarize with previous FSB scholarship past questions and answers. The scholarship past questions has been compiled to help and prepare you ahead of the exam.

How to get the past questions

You are to pay a non refundable amount of NGN1000 to our account after which you send us your payment details, email address and we shall forward it to your mail as soon as possible. CLICK HERE FOR PAYMENT OPTION 

Check available scholarship past questions here 

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