FUTO E-Learning App Now Available On Google Play – Ready to be Lunched


What is FUTO E-Learning app?

FUTO E-Learning app is a computer based testing and learning application that enables first year students of FUTO prepare for their exams and tests. With over 2000 past questions varying across 9 courses, detailed solution and concise lecture notes you can learn differently and pass excellently.

Main features of FUTO E-Learning app

  1. Study concise lecture notes in 9 courses
  2. Test yourself by taking a computer based test
  3. Study and understand exam past questions and answers
  4. Learn with fun by playing exam games
  5. Access up to date test questions and answers
  6. Calculate your GP with a user friendly GPA calculator
  7. Other great features
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Contents available

  1. FRN101 and IGB101 lecture notes and past questions have all necessary punctuations for easy study flow
  2.  Clean mathematics rendering : Maths formulas and equations are displayed beautifully and easy to understand
  3. Detailed and correct solutions to calculations
  4. Up to date past questions starting from 2012/2013 to 2016/2017 (5 years)
  5. Select lecture notes and past questions by topic, year and subject
  6. Study a topic and take exam on that topic
  7. Discover your remembering skills by shuffling questions and options
  8. View all answers to problems in beautifully displayed list
  9. Support for even the low version of Android phones

…and so much more

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How to get FUTO E-Learning app

1⃣ Download the app from playstore by searching FUTO eLearning or click this link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.futo.harmattan.e_learning

2⃣ Get an activation pin and click on activate button in the home screen

3⃣ Enter the 16 digits activation pin and click OK

4⃣ Start learning

Where to get pins

You can get the activation pis in any of the following locations

  • Samuel Electricals (Old registry beside BJ Services)
  • NFCS Secretariat (STACC)
  •  Go-zee Stationery store (IPWEB plaza, Eziobodo FUTO road)

Click here to start  downloading

Here is the image gallery of the app



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